What Are the Best Security Locks For uPVC Doors In 2020?

Naturally, most people will want to make sure that all their doors and windows are as secure as possible. It is the case regardless of what material the door is made from. As a result, everybody will make sure that they have the best locks possible on their door.

However, this could be a problem with many uPVC doors, as many could come with standard locks that are relatively low quality. So, what are the best uPVC door locks?

There can be quite a significant number of them to choose from, with many being available with your uPVC door installation. However, this isn’t something that many people may not realize. Coupled with this is the fact that a significant number of people might not know what type of locks are available.

It’s recommended to have better locks put in, before any uPVC door installation because you’ll have security right from the start as soon as it gets installed.

Despite how important this choice can be, many of us might not know which ones to choose. There’s quite a significant number of them available. And a few that are much better recommended than others.

Before doing so, however, it’s worth noting that there can be a variety of brands to choose from. The majority of these should be quite high-quality, and there shouldn’t be much of a difference in performance.

Best uPVC Door Locks

Multipoint Door Locks

Multipoint door locks are one of the more common locks for uPVC doors because they have quite a significant number of benefits. The main reason for this is to offer much more security due to the locking points that it uses.

While these can have a variety of locking points, there are typically three of them. These locks are usually placed inside the door frame and help to give it an airtight security seal. These points comprise of different parts, each of which plays an integral role in how it works.

Typically, the device will be made of a deadbolt and two hooks. There will usually be one hook at the top of the door and one at the bottom. It is what helps to give the overall system strength. The way it’s operated is. You put in a key, which turns handle lever up or down depending on its design.

Perhaps the most substantial benefit of this option is that it’s one of the more secure and easy to use locking mechanisms that you can choose from. However, there are a few slight drawbacks to the system that you might want to be aware of.

One of the most notable of these is that you may eventually have to replace the locking mechanism. It could be somewhat more difficult with multipoint door locks primarily because you’ll have to have the whole mechanism removed and replaced.

Naturally, this could be much more work than you might see with a variety of other locks. Despite this, it’s one of the more secure options that you can choose from, as well as one of the more affordable.

Anti-Snap Locks

Anti-snap locks have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. It is because they solve a variety of problems that many people may have with uPVC doors and their locks. The most notable of these is preventing lock snapping, which could be an issue for quite many people.

Lock snapping is a tool that many burglars may use to break into a home. However, quite a significant number of people might not know that there’s a way to prevent this. As such, this is where these anti-snap locks shine.

These will typically come in the form of cylinders installed in your door, which should then prevent any snapping in the future. It could mean that you might want to mix this with another locking mechanism to make sure that you see the full advantages that it offers.

As a result, anti-snap locks offer an extra layer of security for many people, which could be one of the more prominent reasons why it’s becoming popular. While these are typically used in uPVC doors, they can also be installed on a variety of others. It should mean that you’ll be able to add the anti-snap locks almost anywhere in your home.

However, there could be some small drawbacks to using these. One of the more notable is that they might be slightly more challenging to install than some alternatives. While this shouldn’t be too large of an issue, it could be a problem if you’re not already experienced in installing locks.

Alongside this, they may be somewhat more expensive than some people may like. However, there should be a significant amount of protection with this, especially given how much security it can offer.

Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks have become quite popular over the past few years, with there being several reasons for this. The largest of these is that they’re one of the more low-cost options for locking uPVC doors than many people will anticipate, although this hasn’t meant that it compromises on security.

There are also a variety of other benefits that you’ll be able to capitalize on, especially when it comes to uPVC doors. Perhaps the most prominent of these is that it offers keyless entry into a building, which could make it recommended for more commercial properties.

There are also several types of digital door locks that you can choose from, and a choice of either mechanical or electronic devices. Both types have differences, with one of the more prominent, whether or not power is required for it.

Alongside this, you’ll be able to choose from three different locking and unlocking systems, including:

  • Electronic Keypads;
  • Biometric Scanners, and;
  • Smart Cards.

That should mean you’ll have much more choice in what types of digital door locks you can use. This could often be one of the more attractive options, although this may be limited to commercial properties. Despite this, they still offer a significant amount of security.

While these can often be used in uPVC doors, they can also commonly be used in a variety of other door types. As a result, they can often be one of the more versatile locks that are on offer, and they’re much easier to install and use than you might find elsewhere.

You’ll also be able to use these with locking systems that are already in place, which could mean that you’ll be enhancing your current security.


Choosing the best uPVC locks can often be much more complicated than many of us may have thought. The majority of this can be driven by the wealth of lock choices that are on the market. There’s a significant number of options available, each of the above should be some of the better recommended.

However, there’s a variety of uPVC locks manufacturers on the market and quite an extensive range of options for you to choose from. As such, you might still need to spend a significant amount of time choosing between various brands, regardless of which type you want.

Alongside this, when considering your uPVC door installation, it is also recommended that you improve the locks when you first get the door.

Typical locks that come with uPVC doors will be relatively standard and may not be of a quality that you might expect. However, there’s quite a significant number of firms that can help with your uPVC door installation. But here at London Locksmith 24h, we have professionals with vast experience. And our professionals can repair or replace any locks that you already have in your doors.

Naturally, choosing the right locks for your uPVC doors can be somewhat more complicated than you might have imagined. However, each of the above well-recommended options comes with a variety of benefits. While you’ll have to put a certain amount of thought into it, what’s stopping you from upgrading your locks today?


The Difference Between Rim Locks and Mortise Locks?

Door Lock Security

Commercial and residential security can include security alarms, security cameras, and more. If small businesses or homes can’t afford different types of security devices, there is always the durability and security of door locks. 

Improving and upgrading door security is a top priority for everyone. Securing all doors in commercial businesses and residential homes is vital because it is the first point of attack entry for burglars. Burglars will try all doors, front, back, side, and patio to gain entry against your loved ones and causing harm to a company. “A door is only as strong as the locks you use.” Therefore, you want the best on all your internal and external doors. 

Do You Want to Mortise or Rim?

Popular locks on homes and businesses throughout the country are Mortise and Rim cylinder locks. At first glance, a Rim cylinder lock may appear no different from a Mortise cylinder lock. It can take some inspection to figure out just what type of lock you are working with at your location. When installed, these locks look very similar. 

They come in similar sizes and often have a Rim piece that keeps them secure against damages and the pick and bump force of illegal entry. Knowing what type of lock you have in residential or commercial environments will help you to understand the right locks for your protection. Let’s take a quick look at their difference beyond the similar looks at a glance:

Features – Rim Cylinder Locks

  1. Lock uses long screws or mounting bolts to hold it in place on the surface of a door
  2. A thin piece of metal sticks out from the rear of the lock that rotates when a key is inserted and turned
  3. Its tailpieces are commonly cut to a specific length 
  4. Traditional Rim cylinders can be converted to a Mortise cylinder

Rim locks affixed to a door’s inner and outer surface with a small latch, also known as a night latch system. Rim locks come in two types – a sash lock and a deadlock. A sash lock is a simple feature that contains a handle to have it recede. Rim deadlocks don’t need a handle. Standard Rim locks can be installed to fit left and right opening doors, or they can be fitted for left or right-handed persons.

The locks are historically square or rectangular. A traditional Rim lock is most often used for internal doors like closets, bedroom doors, or bathroom doors. There are two types of Rim locks that include a “night latch” and the “deadbolt” door lock. 

For a night latch lock, a key is required when you want to enter a room. Otherwise, when you are inside a room, the door will open, then close behind you and lock automatically. For a deadbolt Rim lock your door will lock only with the use of a key.

Even though Rim locks are best used for internal use rather than being a standalone security lock, 

People are using it to popularize their decorative design more in homes and businesses. Locksmiths are called to structures to refit, refurbish and reproduce these antique-looking locks. 

Features – Mortise Cylinder Locks

  1. Lock uses a cylinder nut or threading to hold it in place,
  2. Features a “camshaft or cam” that is the tailpiece. It is equal to the back of the lock that rotates when a key is inserted and turned.
  3. Its tailpieces are available in different types of cams.
  4. A Mortise cylinder can be converted to a Rim Cylinder with the aid of a kit.

This lock features both a latch bolt and a deadbolt. It fits inside a door pocket with a plate installed directly into the doorframe. 

Additional Mortise lock features are pin tumbler locking mechanism in a cylinder and flat blade key. 

A specific door width is required for a Mortise lock. Doors with a minimum diameter of 45mm are the best type for a Mortise lock. To remain secure behind a lock is attributable to the Mortise cylinder lock because of its durability and sturdiness against intruders. 

Our London Locksmith is the perfect expert to install this lock because it is not a DIY project. While looking for your query on google “24/7 Locksmiths near me,” you can find our expert locksmiths throughout London. They will be able to install it properly as a Mortise lock requires a specific cut fit that only a handyman can perform expertly.

Also, a Mortise lock with an outside threading feature is designed in a way that reminds you of the threading that is on certain fastening screws. Which is why this lock design is so secure. To operate the Mortise lock, you must rotate it so that the threads fit perfectly into corresponding grooves. This is all – other than turning the lock cylinder, your Mortise lock requires to be secured to the door. 

Is That A Rim or A Mortise?

A Rim lock commonly uses two bolts secures to a thin metal plate located on the opposite side of a door. This works by sliding lock from the front and then fastening the bolts from the other side of the door. That is why Rim locks are advantageous because it is a lock and a latch.

Also, like a Rim lock, a Mortise lock features a “sash lock” and a “deadlock.” A Mortise sash lock features a non-locking spring latch that locks with the help of its door handle. A Mortise deadlock is designed with a locking function using a pin tumbler Rim lock, but there are no handles or a door latch. 

In an engaging business environment, you want the best security lock system available. For example, a lock that is installed on a hollow metal door rather than a wooden door will give you greater security. People forget that a lock alone is good, but it must be affixed to the right door surface.

Yes, there are installation and operating differences between Rim and Mortise locks, but both are perfect for securing businesses and residential homes. Architects and locksmiths have a long history (100 years) with period Mortise locks.

These old locks are most often found in older buildings. Mortise locks were used in historic structures for their security features but also their upscale design. 

Lock History

Rim locks also have their historical existence. Europe Rim locks were favored security locks before the U.S. installed them in the mid-1800s. The feature of Rims has not changed very much over the years, which is why they too can still be found on older structures throughout the U.S. and in Europe. 

Rim lock history can be dated back to the early 1800s. Interestingly, a Rim lock and a Mortise lock are kissing cousins because the creator of the Rim lock worked with a partner who is responsible for creating the modern-day Mortise lock.

Rim Lock Door Types and Insurance

Rim locks are available in different types and designs. Many businesses and residential homes enjoy the early historical designs of locks like the Victorian Rim locks. Rim locks can be used on varying door types as in wood and metallic. Rim Locks require unique doorknobs, which generally involve those with loose backplates. 

Banham Modern Day Locks

Modern Rim and Mortise technology locks are personified through the Banham EL4000. Having been around since 1926, the Banham company stands behind its proven locking devices. The Banham EL4000 is so secure that the EL4000 system is protected via a cylinder and a specialized Key patent. 

The Banham EL4000 door lock features a latent opening Rim night latch that features a top-quality secure electric release mechanism. In London, if you are looking 24/7 locksmiths for the installation of the Banham EL4000 in varied architectural designs. Then “London Locksmith 24h” is your free-of-charge phone contact and commitment-free service provider.  

Rim and Mortise Lock Endnote

In summary, the main difference between the Rim and the Mortise cylinder locks is their tailpieces and how they fit into the lock. To further highlight differences, the Mortise lock is designed with a threaded exterior and a cam, while the Rim stem is smooth. Mortise locks are installed inside a door, whereas Rim locks are installed on the external surface of a door. 

For the best indoor security, it is best to use a professional locksmith. Understanding how a lock gets designed is the knowledge you need for the right installation purposes, which is security. A local 24/7 locksmiths near you is the “London Locksmith 24h” service that is available for emergency lockouts, cabinet/post boxes, replacement locks, and so much more.

If you have queries or questions relating to the type of locks best fitted for your door type, then don’t worry you can get your questions answered by contacting a certified locksmith to assess your security. In our homes and our work locations, where there are doors, we need the best in security to help keep us safe in a changing world.


Shocking Facts on Burglary and Other Household Theft in the United Kingdom


Burglary is becoming more common in the United Kingdom, and people are getting worried because they do not know when the thieves might attack. It is important to increase the security inside your home to prevent thieves from breaking in and for repairs, one should call emergency locksmith service in London. This article states the facts around burglary, and you can use this information to prepare. Burglars can attack anytime without warning, and the best solution to protect your property is to prepare for their arrival. Make sure that you will always lock your homes especially if you are leaving to prevent the thieves from breaking in, and use heavy duty padlocks that can’t be easily opened without the keys. Here are some of the facts that you should also remember regarding the crime to help you prepare.

The facts about a burglary in the United Kingdom

  • According to recent studies, burglary incidents have increased in the United Kingdom. Every forty seconds, a burglary incident is reported. This would mean that every day, 2,160 incidents of burglary are recorded all over the country. This is alarming especially if you are always leaving your home to go to school or work. When you sleep at night, you would also think constantly about the burglars because they might attack, leaving you uncomfortable.
  • Three-quarters of all the burglars who are breaking inside the homes found out that the doors are left open and are not properly locked. This is why buying a strong and durable lock is important – if the thieves could not open the locks no matter what they do, they would leave the property alone and transfer somewhere else.
  • Every year, the authorities in the United Kingdom are recording almost one million incidents of burglary. The authorities believe that the number might be higher because other incidents are left unreported. They urged the public to report all incidents of burglary so that they can track it down and they can create a study of why it keeps on happening and how people can protect them.
  • 25% of all burglary victims have experience burglary more than once. These people need to buy durable locks and strong security features that would help them deter criminals.
  • 56% of all burglary incidents in the United Kingdom happened at night, and authorities are stating that installing a motion detecting light would deter burglars from entering your property. However, daytime burglaries are also common, at 44%. The majority of all burglary incidents in the United Kingdom were carried out without a plan. It means that the burglar only saw an opportunity to a break-in, and stole everything that they can while the owner of the property is unaware of what is happening. In relation to this report, researchers found out that 57% of all burglaries in the country occurred at a time when the occupants are inside. They might be sleeping softly in the middle of the night, or preoccupied with other tasks if the incident happened during the day.
  • 1/3 of all people who installed a burglar alarm on their homes are not really activating it. This is one of the reasons why burglars are confident that they will never be caught.
  • Authorities are stating that in the 1990s, burglary incidents in the United Kingdom are in constant decline, but everything changed in the 2010s decade because they are seeing a rising trend. In 2017 alone, there were 10,500 more incidents compared to the previous year, and it is expected that this number will continue to rise as more undocumented migrants from various countries are coming into the United Kingdom without any jobs.
  • The police in the United Kingdom are not efficient when it comes to burglary cases. In the last six years, 17,000 individuals who are working at the police department have been fired from the job because of these unresolved cases. In the same period, only 8% of the total 500,000 burglary cases were resolved. 92% of all the cases that were reported never had a resolution.

Who are the victims of burglary incidents in the United Kingdom?

The most common victims of burglary incidents in the country are single parents who are living with their children in urban areas – for example, London. These parents are too preoccupied with their jobs, and they are always sending their children to school. As a result, their homes are left empty, making it a great opportunity for thieves to break in. The second-highest percentage of burglary victims are the elderly. Burglars think of the elderly as an easy target, and the authorities are urging the senior population of the United Kingdom to invest in tighter security features that would give them more protection against burglars.

Who are the burglars?

88% of all burglars in the United Kingdom are males, while 6% are females. The remaining 6% are a combination of male and female burglars who are working together and planned for the attack. Researchers have also revealed that around half of all the burglars are known to their victims, while the other half are strangers. This would mean that people should be vigilant when it comes to the people they know. When a victim knows a person, they can enter without forcing their way in. The victims would willingly open their homes for the burglars since they know each other. The burglars are also young – their age ranges from 16 years old to 24 years old. Many of the burglars are doing the crime because they are drug addicts. They are looking for a quick way on how they can get the money to sustain their addiction.

How much does a burglary incident costs?

In the United Kingdom, when a home experienced burglary, the owners are expected to spend £2,833 that will be used to repair the damage and to replace the items that were stolen. Most of the damages are from broken windows or broken doorknobs that were destroyed to enter the property. The repairs can last for a day, but what hurt the most would be the items that were stolen inside the house. Some of the stolen items might have a sentimental value to the owner, and it would be difficult to replace it because the value is lost.

What are the most common things that are stolen by burglars?

Cash is the most common thing stolen by the burglars when they break inside your home. The best way to prevent burglars from stealing your cash is to hide it away from sight. You can use a durable safe where you can keep your cash, and hide it in a place where it can’t be found. Jewelry is also a favorite target, and because of its high value, the burglars would want to steal it from your home. Hide your jewelry pieces inside a safe or a secure place if you don’t want it to get stolen.

Electronics are also one of the most common things that are stolen inside a house. This can include your television set, radio, and gaming consoles. These items are easy to steal and there are a lot of buyers who patronize cheaper products. Power tools are also being stolen more commonly in the United Kingdom because these are expensive, and it can be easy for the burglar to sell it.

Burglars would also steal drugs and alcohol inside a home if they spot it. They would want to feed their addiction, and they will grab the opportunity to steal these items if they found it inside your house. Finally, your identity can also be stolen. Burglars can steal your IDs, and they will take out loans under your name. They can also use your credit cards to make purchases online.

How can you protect your home from burglars?

Investing in a high-security lock is a great idea to protect your home from burglars. Make sure that you lock your front and back doors using these durable keys to keep the burglars away. These locks are designed to survive the threats associated with burglary. It can’t break easily, even when using power tools. If you are in London and you lost your key, you can always call an emergency locksmith service in London. The emergency locksmith service in London have the tools to open your home. You should also lock your windows, or install grills that will deter thieves from breaking in. You should also install a double lock on your doors to make it more secure at night. Most burglaries are happening when people are in the middle of their sleep. Make sure that you activate your burglar alarm if you have one, especially if you will be leaving your home without anyone inside. Installing CCTV can also help you determine who the burglars are.


The only way to protect your home is by installing a strong locking mechanism or security feature that would deter thieves from breaking in. Make sure that the locks you purchase are of high quality and could never break even if the thieves are applying too much force. You should also take the keys with you wherever you go to make sure that no one will be able to enter your home. If you ever forget where you put your keys, you can always rely on London Locksmith 24h to lock you out, and this emergency locksmith service in London has a lot of positive reviews. You can check out the service page here to get in depth view of the products and services as well as other related services on the website. Emergency locksmith service in London has helped a lot of people who were locked out.


What Are BS3621 Locks? Its Significance For Insurance Claims

Having locks on the outside doors of your home is essential for obvious reasons. By locking the exterior of your home, you help prevent Intruders from entering your home unannounced. But did you know that having locks on your doors are also important for insurance purposes?

Many insurance companies in London and the UK, in general, require that all exterior doors must have certified locks. These locks are certified by the British Standards Institution. Founded in 1901, this is the standards and certification body of the UK that determines the standard qualifications of a wide variety of products that affect your daily life. This includes door locks, food safety, health products, and much more.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has a set standard for locks that have been in place for over 100 years now. Locks that meet this standard should have a kitemark somewhere on the product. The BSI has several standards set for door locks, including BS3621, BS8621, and BS10621. In this article, we will be talking about the BS3621 standard and how significant it is when making insurance claims.

What is BS3621?

BS3621 is the most commonly used lock standard in the UK. This lock standard generally applies to mortice and cylinder locks where a key is needed to open the door, regardless if you’re inside or outside. Night latches and deadlocks, while not as commonly used, can also conform to the BS3621 standard.

BS3621 locks are designed to be resistant to thieves by having measures that make it hard to drill or picklock their way into your property. These types of locks are commonly found on wooden doors but are also commonly found on other types of doors in domestic and commercial spaces as well. All exterior doors that allow you to enter and exit your property must have this lock installed. These locks can be applied to inside doors as well, although it is not required.

BS3621 Standards

The BSI has a set amount of criteria locks must have to meet the BS3621 standard. The criteria are as follows:

A metal plate covering
Screws must not be visible when the door is closed
When locked, the bolt must protrude from the faceplate at least 20mm into the door frame.
If it is a mortice lock, the lock must have at least 5-levers or pin tumblers

To check if your lock has met these standards, again, look for the BSI kitemark on the faceplate of the lock. Also, you can look for the BS3621 standard number engraving on the faceplate. If you don’t see the kitemark or number engraved on the faceplate, that doesn’t always mean that the lock doesn’t meet the standard. Older locks sometimes require that you remove the lock to check if they meet the British Standard. If you are in this situation or are still unsure of what to do, call London Locksmith, a professional locksmith in London, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

BS3621 Locks and Insurance

Many home insurance companies require the locks on your doors to meet the BS3621 standard. Cheaper insurance policies might forego this question, but this puts you at risk. Also, lying and claiming that you have a lock that meets the BSI when you don’t meet the standard also puts you at risk.

When looking at home insurance quotes, many insurance companies either require that you have a certified lock installed beforehand that meets the BS3621 standard. While many either lie or guess if they have a certified lock, it is easy to check. As stated earlier, make sure to check for the BSI kitemark and the certification number engravings in the faceplate of the lock.

If your home were to get burglarized and you needed to file a claim, having the BS3621 lock standard in your doors many times play a big role. Having a lock without this standard many times can prevent you from getting an insurance payout or even dropped from your home insurance provider altogether if you provided false information stating that you had BS3621 locks installed.

While this is a common scenario with most home insurance providers, it is ultimately up to who you have insurance with. Some insurers don’t require that you have locks that meet this standard. Other insurance providers even provide a discount if BS3621 locks are installed. When looking at home insurance providers, make sure to really do your research and see if the locks on your home need to meet any standards.

Cost of BS3621 Locks

The cost of a  can vary according to a number of things, such as brand name, type of lock, and the look of the lock. These factors can all drive up the price. Don’t forget installation and labor costs if you’re not installing it yourself. While there are plenty of locksmiths, no one locksmith is equal.

Brand Name

Just like clothes, shoes, smartphones, and other everyday items, popular brands are typically going to cost more. For example, buying a Yale lock is going to cost more than a generic brand lock of the same type.

While buying a generic lock over a brand name lock might tempt you, make sure to look carefully. Generic locks are more likely to not meet the BS3621 standard. The same logic applies to name brand locks as well. Just because it is a popular brand doesn’t guarantee that the lock meets the standard.

Type of Lock

Certain locks provide more security, and as a result, drive up the price. A standard euro-cylinder lock is generally going to cost less than any mortice lock. Nowadays many recent door locks have keypads and fingerprint scanners to access the interior of your home. Some can even connect to your smartphone and can be opened through an app. Expect to pay a premium for door locks like this as well.

Look of the Lock

Door locks come in many shapes and styles, and some of these styles can drastically raise the price. Electronic or vintage locks, for example, are sure to cost more than the average knob you’d pick up at the hardware store. Also, the materials used to make the door lock can drive the price. Locks made out of fancier materials will obviously cost more.

Again, don’t let the make of the lock fool you. Just because it looks nice doesn’t mean the lock is certified by the BSI. There’s nothing wrong with having a nice looking lock that matches your door but makes sure it’s secure and has the kitemark on the faceplate of the lock before buying.


If you’re not installing the lock by yourself then you need to pay someone else to install it for you. Not all locksmiths are equal; every locksmith charges different prices according to the services they are providing. Some locksmiths sell locks and install them, while others make you provide a lock to install. Some locksmiths provide both. London Locksmith 24h, a reputed locksmith in London, for example, charges 49 pounds to change a lock according to their website. They also sell their own locks as well.

London Locksmith 24h

Looking to replace your home lock with one that meets the BS3621 standard? Then look no further than London Locksmith 24h. London Locksmith 24h is a locksmith in London that can replace your door lock with one that meets the BS3621 standard. The services are available 24 hours and can get to any address in around 30 minutes.

London Locksmith 24h sells and installs a variety of lock brands that meet the BSI standard. Some of the brands they sell include:

  • Banham locks
  • Yale locks
  • ERA locks
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Chubb locks
  • Ingersol locks

With the wide variety of lock brands being sold, you can count on finding one that fits your needs. From residential to commercial, London Locksmith 24h has you covered. All of the locks sold here are reliable and affordable.

Not only does London Locksmith 24h replace and install locks, but they are also here for all of your lock-related needs. Whether you’re locked out of your home, have a broken lock, or just need some general advice, London Locksmith 24h is always there. You can count on them to provide quick and efficient service at any time of day. Other services include:

  • Door and door frame repair
  • Window Locks
  • Break-In Repairs
  • Replacement locks and handles

London Locksmith 24h offers more than what is listed above. They cover all locations from the Greater London area. Make sure to visit our official website to see all of the services and to find out more about its quality locksmith service in London.


The BS3621 standard is not to be taken lightly. These standards are here for a reason, and not having a certified lock on your property can result in your home being broken into. Again, make sure to check out London Locksmith 24h for all of your lock-related needs. They are open 24 hours a day and provide help with many lock-related activities, including lock replacement and repair.


Lost My Car Keys Whom To Approach? 24/7 London Auto Locksmith


Losing your car keys has got to be one of the worst pains known to man. You’re getting ready to leave your house for a very important meeting, date, or simply to take your kids to soccer practice, and you can’t find your keys. This automatically creates tremendous stress over being late, having lost them somewhere they won’t be found, and the fear that someone may have found them and can steal your car.

It is such a crappy feeling, but we have the solution. 24/7 auto locksmith in London can help you with more than finding your car keys or opening up your car. For that reason and many others, in this article, we will be discussing the topic of who to go to whether you’ve lost your car keys, house keys, or simply need help opening a commercial or industrial lock.

Count On Us

Within every service market, there is a large amount of competition, and it is hard for businesses to separate themselves. We are able to do this by providing professional service to the London population. Our most important trait is the ability to offer immediate assistance, no matter the problem. 

Like we mentioned earlier, we are able to reach our customers in thirty minutes or less which ensures you won’t be stuck with your problem for hours. This gives you a great explanation in case you were late for an important event. We are also a business that has been around for a while and we have offices all around town to be able to service our clients even faster. We offer many different services. While other businesses offer one-time service, you can call us in case you need maintenance on a regular basis.

You wouldn’t want your brand new home to be broken into, and so one of the services we offer is upgrades to the security of your home. We are always available to help you with whatever you need. All you have to do is visit our website or call us to tell us about your immediate problem, or how we can help you with one of the services we listed in the previous sections.

Areas Of Service:

We used to be able to cover only areas of greater London, but now we have stretched our services to cover all the other outskirts as well. We can reach you if you live in South East London, South West London, East London, North West London, North London, and East London. The outskirts area we cover includes Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Kingston upon the Thames, Dartford, Hounslow, Romford, Ilford, Uxbridge, Harrow, Enfield, and Watford.

But Wait…There’s More

We have already mentioned the many services that we offer here at 24/7 locksmith in London, but there’s more that we have not spoken about. There are many, many different locks and pricing structures you could choose from. It is up to you to visit our website and browse through each one because it would be way too much for us to describe in this short blog post. We also forgot to mention that if you have any other questions to which you can’t find an answer on the site, you can chat directly with us for a very fast response.

We can replace or upgrade your locks and will cater to any and all budgets. Most people don’t even know what type of lock they have. If you feel like the lock you currently have is not safe enough, we can diagnose the safety status of it, and either have it replaced with a brand new one, or a better one. 

When people move into a new home or office, the first thing they should do is change the locks. This prevents the previous tenants from trying to be evil and breaking in. Maybe you’re a realtor or would simply prefer a padlock. We can install all types of padlocks. From standard padlocks to security ones, or even key-less padlocks. We can set up a padlock where all you have to do is either scan your finger or your phone.

We also offer Banham locks, Ingersoll locks, and mul-t-lock locks. The mul-t-lock lock is a very high-security lock that is installed by and approved by basically all of the insurance companies you can think of in London. The other three types of locks that we offer are mortice locks, deadlocks, and chubb locks

If you have a safe that you can’t get into, we can help you get to your belongings. The purpose of a safe is to keep your items SAFE, but our experienced technicians have no trouble opening and resetting your safe’s settings so that you can open it in the future. 

Some people may not want to completely change out their locks. The best option for you, in this case, would be to simply re-key. We offer this service for people as a quick solution to offering new keys to employees, or to family members. It saves a lot of time and the hassle of having to order, and install new doors or locks.

If you’re looking to reinstall your doors with high-security doors, then we are the company to call. We have over ten years of experience installing security doors and our team has been thoroughly trained and has received the required certifications to provide you with the best service possible. We offer free estimates on all of our services so you can compare prices. If you’re looking for an alarm system, we provide alarm fitting for maximum security.

London Locksmith 24/7

Having a 24/7 auto locksmith in town is of great value to the community because humans make mistakes. We forget things, and unless the keys are hung in the same place every single day, there’s always a possibility of misplacing them. Don’t worry, our locksmith team can’t work for us unless they have been background checked and approved by the police.

Our engineers and locksmiths will arrive at your location in less than half an hour and will be the most friendly and helpful staff you have ever encountered. We have been rated five stars, and our expert staff provides a three hundred and sixty-five day warranty, which you will probably never need to use.

Our reliable and swift 24/7 auto locksmith service will be provided within 30 min. in the mentioned areas, and the fact that our locksmith team will be at your request every day of the year, whenever you call, this makes us consistent towards providing our best services when you are in urgent need of it. 

That means that if you lose your keys or get locked out of your car, it doesn’t matter whether it is 4 in the morning or 1 in the afternoon, our team will be there. If it’s raining, snowing, or sunny, our team will be there. 

In this next paragraph, we will be summarizing all of the different services that we provide for you.

We offer locksmith for any type of automobile. All windows that require a key. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride mechanism replacements or repairs. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride window and door installations. We can board up doors and windows if you need that service.

If you have damaged a door or window frames, we can fix them. If your home has been broken into, we can repair the damage and secure it so that it doesn’t happen again by placing high-end security systems. We can apply locks to cabinets and/or any post/mailboxes. 

We can replace or install any type of lock you need. Finally, we offer emergency door opening services in case you need to get inside of your home, office, or industrial space, given that you can verify you are the person that either owns or has been appointed to do so. A word of caution: PLEASE DO NOT EVER CALL OUR SERVICE FOR MALIGNANT USE. YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE AND WILL BE TAKEN TO JAIL.


In conclusion, we have discussed the most reliable locksmith company you can trust in London in a situation wherein you have lost your car keys. There are many different services we offer to the London population to create a better, safer environment. We can help you unlock your car, your home, your office, or any other place where you’ve lost the keys. 

If you need window replacement or maintenance, door replacement, new locks, or simply want a safer home, we are your solution. If you want to learn more about how to never be locked out of your car or home again, please visit our website at https://mylondonlocksmiths.co.uk/ or call 0203 002 8245 to get a free quote. 

We are open twenty-four seven, all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, so don’t hesitate to call right now. We will be at your location in thirty minutes or less, our service will be the most professional of the industry, and you can make sure that our services have been approved by insurance agencies, and the police.


All You Need to know About Banham Locks

About Banham Locks

Domestic burglaries in the UK are on the rise. Recent statistics show that they have risen by 30 percent with about 261,915 homes reporting of burglary incidents within the past year. If such revelations do not make you run to the nearest locksmith in London to tighten your defenses, nothing else will.

This is because your door serves as the first line of defense against burglars. And even though you might have a sturdy door, if it is not reinforced with burglar-proof locks, it will still be vulnerable to forced entry. Nonetheless, there are many types of locks in the market. Which one is best for you?

Ask any expert such as an emergency locksmith and they will probably tell you that Banham locks are the most difficult to breakthrough. There is a good reason for that – Banham locks are the highest quality door locks in the market.

Are you looking for a locksmith in London to reinforce your doors? Here’s what you need to know about Banham locks and why you should use them on your doors.

Banham Door Locks

Banham locks are the most secure type of door locks in the market today. They are accredited by Secured by Design, which is an initiative by the UK Police that combines ‘designing out of crime’ principles with physical security. Additionally, Banham door locks comply with BS3621, the recognized door lock industry standard by the Association of British Insurers.

As such, using Banham door locks reinforce your home’s security as well as helping you save on home insurance costs. This is because you would have lowered your risks drastically. Therefore, as you look for a ‘locksmith near me,’ ensure that they have Banham locks.

Types of Banham Door Locks

Banham locks are of two primary types; mortice and rim locks. However, they can further be classified into:
• Deadlocks and self-locking deadbolts
• Single-cylinder and double cylinder locks
• Cylinder and lever locks
• Most secure door locks

Read on to find out how these locks differ.

1. Mortice and Rim Locks

The method of mounting a lock onto a door is what usually determines whether it will be referred to as mortice or rim.

• Mortice Locks
Mortice locks are usually fitted on the edge of a door. They are usually fixed into a hollow – known as a mortice – on the door’s edge. They also have a strike plate that acts as the recess lining in the door’s frame, which is where the bolt fits.

Mortice locks are notoriously challenging to force open since the majority of the lock is firmly secured within the door’s frame. This is why more and more insurers are stipulating that homeowners must have mortice locks to comply with their cover.

Their design is also quite aesthetically pleasing since most of the locking mechanism is not visible. In fact, the only thing you can see when the door is open is the faceplate and keyhole.

• Rim Locks
Rim locks are usually fitted on a door’s inside surface. They contain a lockbolt and key cylinder mechanism, which are housed by yet another lock mechanism that is fitted to the door. This mechanism is also referred to as the ‘nightlatch.’
Nonetheless, rim locks are best suited for doors that open inwards since the lock bolt usually latches into a keeper that is inside the door.

Rim locks are the most preferred choice for listed or heritage properties since they do the least damage to the woodwork during fitting.

2. Cylinder Locks and Lever Locks
Mortice and Rim Locks can also be classified according to their locking/unlocking mechanism. In this category, we will look at cylinder locks and lever locks.

• Cylinder Locks
These locks utilize a mechanism consisting of a keyhole and a mechanical aperture that is contained inside a cylinder. This mechanism uses pins of varying sizes to ensure that the lock does not open without the correct key. The most significant benefit of cylinder locks is that their ‘keyed cylinder’ can be altered so as to rekey the lock without having to change the entire hardware.

Cylinders also come in electric versions, which are commonly used in fobbed as well as other access control systems. Cylinder locks can also be either single or double, with double cylinder locks being more secure.

• Lever Locks
Lever locks typically come in either three- or five-lever versions. The more levers a lock contains, the higher the number of its potential key shapes, therefore making it a lot safer.

Typically, a lever lock utilizes a bitted key and requires key operation from both the inside and outside. The key will need to move each lever up to a certain to move the locking bolt.

This is why most home insurers specify that you use a five-lever mortice lock. There are even seven-lever locks in the market today, which are among the most secure mechanical door locks to ever exist. Chances are that the average emergency locksmith might be unable to assist you in case you are locked out. This is why when looking for a locksmith near me, you should first ask whether they can open such a door.

3. Single Cylinder and Double Cylinder Locks

We briefly mentioned these locks. Let us look at them in more detail.

• Single Cylinder Locks
Single-cylinder locks are usually opened using a key on the outside, but with a thumbturn (instead of a key) on the inside. As such, it makes it easier for you to exit the house as you won’t have to use your keys.

• Double Cylinder Locks
Double cylinders use a key for both the outside as well as the inside. This helps you avoid the primary drawback of using a thumbturn. That someone might be able to unlock your door if they can be able to access the thumbturn from the outside via a window or mailbox.

4. Deadbolts

Also known as deadbolts, these locks utilize a locking mechanism that requires to turn a key or thumb turn manually. The implication, therefore, is that a great deal of force is going to be needed to pay back the bolt. This characteristic is what makes them so secure.

When a deadbolt is unlocked, the lock bolt is usually held in a withdrawn position.

• Self-locking Deadbolts
The most common type of self-locking deadlocks is the latch bolt. The latch bolt utilizes a spring-loaded bolt that has an angled edge. The implication is that, when the door is shut, the latch bolts angled tip retracts then springs itself into the ‘locked’ position as the door settles into the frame.

Some latchbolts have an anti-thrust snib, which deadbolts the latch once the door closes. Such latches can be used for both outward opening, as well as inward opening doors.

In other double cylinders, the action of closing the door automatically triggers the lock bolt to be released so that the door is secured once it touches the frame. This automatic trigger can be disabled so that the door doesn’t have to self-lock every time.

Most Secure Door Locks

While Banham door locks have established themselves at the most burglar-proof locks out there, which one among them is the most secure?

If you ask any emergency locksmith or locksmith in London, they will tell you that the ideal situation is where you have a deadlock on your front door. There’s a reason why home insurance companies insist on deadlocks; they are the most difficult type of lock to breach. You can take it up a level and get the self-locking deadbolt to add convenience on top of that security.

Insurance guidelines are a great way of knowing whether the door lock you are looking into offers the kind of security you need, as insurers will typically stipulate the specific locks they favor.


You have the option of combining both mortice and rim locks alongside your deadbolts. Nonetheless, the most secure combination will come down to your needs. A reputable expert from your ‘locksmith near me’ search should be able to analyze your door and needs, to give you the best options available.

Thumbturn Security Risks?

As mentioned earlier, if someone can access a thumb turn lock from the outside, there’s a possibility that they will be able to open the door. This is what worries most people about thumbturns. Thus, if your house is structured in such a way that a thumbturn might be a risk, then you should stick with key locks.

However, there are situations where thumbturns are a necessity. For example, in blocks of flats or shared accommodations, thumbturns are a fire safety requirement. They allow the occupants to leave their residences much quicker in the event of an emergency.

Getting the Best Lock

These Banham locks which are highly secure and reliable are sure to give you enhanced levels of security. You can find these locks through London Locksmith 24h. Also, there are several other services needed with the locks which London Locksmith 24h strives to provide you in no time. Trust us to be a professional and reputable locksmith service provider that will surely help you get your lock repaired, replaced or install a new one depending on your situation.

Search For London Locksmith 24h

Are you searching for a ‘locksmith near me?’ The 5-Star London Locksmiths 24hr is the premier locksmith in London. Whether you are looking to install new locks or are in need of an emergency locksmith, our police-approved engineers will be at your doorstep in less than 25 minutes at any time of day. Decades of experience and skill allow our experts to offer brilliant solutions to any door lock issue you might have. Contact us today to learn more.



Best Door Lock Options Available For Your Residential House


Thieves are basically everywhere. If you have something great, chances are that someone else wants it! Locks are made just to keep out people that are not supposed to be there. The unfortunate thing about locks is that they often accidentally get locked when they are not supposed to be. Locking out even the people who are supposed to be there. That is where the job of locksmiths begins. The world is constantly evolving and becoming more and more technologically advanced. Even locks.

Reliable London Locksmiths

When you are in need of a reliable, timely and organized locksmith company, look no further than the London Locksmiths. They are available to assist you with any locks from padlocks to car locks. They provide services from new locks to assisting with lockouts. They also can assist with vehicle locks are available to assist with a lockout 24 hours a day. They also are available if you want a lock upgrade. Maybe your locks are aging or are getting worn out. Why go through the frustrating process of attempting to replace them yourself. Call the Local London Locksmiths. They also offer free estimates so there is absolutely no risk in having them swing by and take a look.

Vehicles Services

Getting locked out of your own car, especially when you are out and about, can be one of the most frustrating things. Not to mention, it can get expensive really quickly, especially when you have to have them make a house call. Getting locked out of your car is not the only thing that can happen to ruin your day. Other things can happen such as broken car keys, blocked lock, frozen lock, ignition issues, and damaged locks. All of these things, London Locksmith can assist you with. Don’t let a damaged or messed up car lock ruin your day.

Home Services

Are you locked out of your house? Or just need some new locks installed in your home, then London Locksmiths can help you with any residential locksmith services. Emergencies can happen at any time of the day. If maybe you have purchased a new house and need new locks added, or maybe you want an upgraded lock that you can unlock with your phone or via Bluetooth. They can also assist you with going over your home and checking and making sure that all your locks are operating at maximum function. This will ensure that any thieves will not be able to steal your things.



Locks are so important when it comes to keeping your things, home and family safe. Keeping bad guys out is very important and London Locksmiths can help you with this task. From accidental lockouts to lock changes, they are there and available 24/7. From upgraded, technological keys to just your basic home or car, they are available, helpful and knowledgeable. They have a mobile team on stand by and are ready to assist you with any lock needs.


Features of Good Locksmith Service That You Should Consider

Everyone needs a locksmith at some point in their lives. Given that we all lock our homes and places of work each day, lock problems are bound to happen. You may lose your keys, have a malfunctioning lock, need to change your lock or install locks in a new house. Given the nature of skills required, your chances of success on doing it yourself are quite low. Moreover, since most of the lock problems are not pre-thought, it is in your best interest to have a professional that you can reach if you get into problems. Here are some of the qualities that you have to look at when selecting a professional to do the job.

He Should Be Licensed

A licensed lock repair professional is someone serious about the job. He or she has been certified and endorsed by the relevant authorities as qualified to do the job. Therefore, you can be sure that once they get to your home, they are going to do good work. Do not be tempted by unlicensed locksmiths even if they are charging a fraction of what a licensed professional charges. They are likely to mess your lock and damage your door such that you would require expensive door repair. Always ask for the license every time you need to hire a professional.

Go for Insured and Bonded Professionals

Insurance should be top on the list when looking to hire a skilled locksmith at home or for the office. In the course of doing the job, one may injure themselves. If they are not insured, you may be made to foot the cost of treating them and any loss of work time. This is a cost you do not want to add to your bill.

By being bonded, it means that the company takes care of any loss or damage that happens due to neglect or mistake on the part of the professional lock repair professionals. This way, you are not worried about losing items or damaging the door of your apartment when you call such a profession for lock repair work.

They Should Handle Your Type of Locks

Over the years, lock making technology has improved drastically. This means that people who have not learned about the newest technology may not be in a position to repair the latest computerized locks and smart security systems. Therefore, when hiring, ensure that the professional can handle your types of locks effectively. It is good to describe your type of locks beforehand and ask the person on the other end if they have competency in repairing such kinds of locks. If you want to have locks installed, it is good to ask for certifications to prove that the professional you are hiring has the skills required to install the type of lock you need.

Within Your Locality

Most of the time, lock issues are an emergency. This means that you need a professional that can come to your home, car, or office within the shortest time possible. For this matter, do not hire companies that are over 10 miles from your home. They may take ages to reach you. Moreover, companies that have opened their offices in your locality are keen to grow their business in the area. Therefore, they are more likely to do an excellent job in order to grow a reputation and gain more clients from the area. Anyone who claims to be from your locality should be able to give directions to your home or office.

Available Around The Clock

Go for a 24-hour locksmith. He or she is available for repair work at any time of the day or night as well as public holidays. You cannot anticipate when your lock will get jammed or when you will lose your keys. It may happen at night, during a holiday or early in the morning. Therefore, a 24-hour locksmith is your best bet at having someone to deal with the problem quickly when it occurs. In the same breath, get to know if the lock maker makes additional charges for repairs done out of the official working hours and by how much.

Show Professionalism

An ideal locksmith presents a professional demeanor in the way that he goes about his work, appearance, and talking. He most likely would be wearing a uniform with a logo of the company and comes with an identification card to show that he is from the company you contacted. Most locksmiths come with company branded cars to your premises. In addition, an ideal professional should be friendly and not indifferent. He or she should also be willing to answer questions or respond to your concerns on matters relating to the locks. You can gauge how professional the company operates by the way you are handled on the phone or the way your questions are answered if you visit the premises.

Authorized Dealers and Repair Professionals

Some of the lock products you have installed come with a warranty. If the locks break down during the warranty period, they need to be repaired by someone who is authorized by the lock manufacturer to carry out the repairs. In the same breath, if you are installing high-quality locks, you need to have them installed by a company that can pass the manufacturer warranty. This saves you from expensive repairs or changes for a particular period. Ensure that you ask for authorization if you have a warranty for your lock products.

Provides Prompt Service

It is essential that you research on the service delivery of the companies you would like to hire for your locks. Determine whether they offer prompt services whenever they are called. You should find lots of such information on the internet. It may be inconveniencing to wait outside your home for two hours while waiting for the lock to be opened after you lost the keys. This quality should be looked at differently from that of hiring someone from your locality. You require a locksmith that is near your locality and can offer quick service when called upon.


Unless you are installing new locks at your home, most of the other lock services are unplanned. This means that you do not have some cash on the side that is kept for the service. However, do not look at the cost of the service in isolation. Strike a balance between the quality of the service provided versus the cost. You do not want to end up with a cheap, poorly done job or break the bank to have a simple lock repair job completed. Ask for estimates from a few pre-qualified lock repair companies before settling on one or two.


The are tons of lock solutions that you can use at home for enhanced security. You may not know that some of the solutions are available. An ideal locksmith is the one that presents several options for you to choose. Here is an example. If you are a new owner at home, you may be forced to change all the locks for your safety. However, there may be an option for rekeying the locks so that the old keys are not able to open the doors. As for new locks, there are several varieties with varying security levels in the marketplace. Ask about lock solution alternatives from several locksmiths. Pick one that gives you a few alternatives and is keen to let you know how each of them can work in your case.

Offers Quality Products

This may be a little hard to determine. However, it is still an important quality that you should consider. Ask the locksmith what brands they work with and what they suggest for your problem. You may then research on such products on the internet. When you go for quality products, you are assured of quality service and durability. A professional that cares about the quality will give you several options with the benefits and weak points of each so that you can make the right decision.

In the same breath, look at the track record of the company you intend to hire. Do they offer superior service? Are there unresolved complaints from their customers? What is the service quality rating by customers and such organizations as BBB? While you may not expect to find a locksmith without some complaints lodged against them, you can easily tell if the company can be trusted to offer the service.


It is recommended that you chose a locksmith long before you have any issues with any of your locks at home. This prevents a situation where you will pick just any lock repair professional that comes your way out of desperation. It also saves you the time you would have spent looking for a service provider when you need an urgent lock service. Be sure to check the above-mentioned qualities especially a 24-hour locksmith and someone who is qualified to handle the lock problem. At 24/7 London Locksmith, in usually less than 25 minutes we will be at the address you required and will fix your problem in no time. You can rely on our professional service and fair prices. Please call us today!